Sunday, February 04, 2007

New York on the horizon...

Well it seems I'll be off to New York again in the not too distant future and it occured to me that I had done a fairly poor job of chronicaling my 2006 New York adventure. I don't wish to bore anyone with a lengthy story, so instead I'll offer a bullet list of highlights for the sake of posterity. Some of this is recounted in a previous post.

* Arrived in New York city taking a long train ride from the Airport.Got on the subway. It smelled really bad.

* Got off the subway 10 blocks from the hotel and walked the rest of the way. It was very cold.

* Went to dinner with Brian and Buddy. This was the fabled 'meat restaurant' of an earlier post. Checked out Toys R Us with escalators, a full size animatronic T-rex and an indoor Ferris wheel.

* Saw Spamalot (see earlier post). Heading up to the balcony, we ran into someone from Hasbro by chance. I felt as though Rod Serling was peering at us from around a corner.

* The next day, we had brunch with Tina and headed off to the Statue of Liberty. I talked to some Scottish guys about G.I. Joe. It was very, very cold.

* Had dinner in Little Italy with a unique assortment of non-sequiter folk. A girl bit a bananna at a nearby table.

* There was a massive snow storm. It was the largest snowfall ever recorded on Manhattan. The next day we all headed off to Toy Fair at the Javits Center.

* Went to the reception at Diamond Comics. Free sushi. Too many bodies.

* Headed over to the Toy Asylum party at a dance Club built in a old church. They had go-go dancers dressed in Speed Racer-centric outfits. One girl was from Atlanta and normally worked a PR job. She seemed like a nice girl.

* Left with a friend of John Waterhouse who was like Jackie Martling from the old Howard Stern show. He was pretty funny, but I have seldom heard so much profanity from one person.'Jackie' grabbed the back of a cab after we parked and 'ice skated' down a New York street. No one died.

* We went to a bar and I drank Red Bull. After being asked, I talked about Jesus Christ and the Bible with 'Jackie'. He listened intently. He REALLY wanted to know my beliefs and why I held them. It was a VERY unexpected moment and something quite uplanned by me.

* Headed over to another bar called 'Jekyll and Hyde' with an all horror movie deco. It is an amazing place with classic horror movie photos and full size elaborate props all over. There were alligators in the sewer.

* Another day at Toy Fair. We took lots of pics for the internet. Brian and I went to the Letterman TV show taping that afternoon. It was cool to see Letterman in person. TV studios / theaters always seem bigger on the tube. And it's true, they keep the Ed Sullivan theater at about 60 degrees during the taping. I saw the O'Jays perform 'Love Train'.

* The next day, we Met Barry Kay (long time GIJOE enthusiast) for breakfast and then headed back to Toy Fair. Later that day we left for the airport.

* Arrived at DFW exhausted. I got sick. If I left out anything, I'll add it later.

I'm not sure if this conveys what a magical mystery tour it really was. Oh well. I wonder what the 2007 trip will yield?


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