Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Though this kid might well pass for one of MY kids, that's actually me in the photo. It was Christmas morning around 1966 and I had just opened a pair of Batman house slippers. Batman was all the rage at the time due to the hit TV series. Batman merchandise was everywhere at retail in the those days. It was a phenomana seldom seen before that, but often repeated with pop culture icons thereafter. Batman may have been one of the first to enjoy such a high degree of retail cross pollenation.

Nostalgia buffs might be interested to know that the photo was taken with the 'just out' Polaroid Land Camera. My dad bought my mom the high end version that year which came with all the bells and whistles in a cool 'spy case'. The Christmas tree in the image is a REAL tree. The television set in the background was our first ever color set made by RCA and bought at the now defunct RICH'S department store.

This photo has often reminded me of Christmas seasons past and of the parents who helped me grow into the man I am today. It also brings to mind how fortunate I am to have been given the life I have and the family I enjoy and love so very much.

May you all have a blessed Christmas this year!


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