Sunday, January 18, 2009

Batman dead? Yeah, right.

I bought and read Final Crisis #6 just see to see the on page death of the second greatest comic book superhero of all time. Granted (pun intended), I had not read the first 5 parts, but this issue's story was incomprehensible until finally, almost at story's end, Batman confronts Darkseid. I won't go into details on the odd chance you want to read the story for yourself and haven't already.

I'm reading a lot of debate online about Batman's actions prior and the method of his "death", but all that is really moot. The real question is, after some time goes by and someone else steps in to fill the cowl, "how will DC bring Bruce Wayne back?". Because, you KNOW they will bring him back.

Haven't we seen enough of this kind of publicity stunt in comics? Spider-Man's a clone! Aunt May is dead! The FLASH is dead! Superman is dead! Robin is dead! Spider-Man unmasked! Captain America dies! Peter Parker and Mary Jane make a deal with the devil and were never married! And now... BATMAN IS DEAD!




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