Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Woes?

Here we are: it is election day 2008 in the USA. Hang on tight my friends, this one could be a little crazy. Who can say with any certainty what this day will bring. Everything may go off without a whimper or any great calamity.  I really hope that is does, but there is a lot of potential for weirdness on many levels. Some level of social unrest is quite possible no matter the day's final outcome. Be wise and stay safe.

If you pray. Pray. If you don't, think about trying it. This might be a good time to give it a shot.

We will have a new President Elect in the very near future. We don't yet know who it will be, but when all the votes are counted and any needed recounts are done, once any possible lawsuits are filed and resolved, after some people possibly get upset and maybe physically vent their anger, when others rejoice with jubilation on the streets and maybe overturn a few cars, if any gunshots are fired or any fires set, when any dust settles, and any possible smoke clears and one man is finally designated as the man to be inaugurated as President next year, for good or ill, God will still be God. A political election cannot change that. God is MUCH bigger that that.

"...He suspends the earth over nothing." Job 26:7

No man is the center of what is or what will be. Come what may, God will still be in control. Nothing will ever happen outside of His knowledge or ultimate perfect will. So, my prayer is that no matter what comes, God will grant me the grace to be content in those circumstances and to show me how to best react to evil when I encounter it going forward. I don't say this lightly. I fear I will struggle if things don't go my way. I'll be honest enough to say so. But...

"Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him." Job 13:15

He is infinitely wiser than I and He can see all ends. If I were driving this 'car', I would have driven into a ditch by now. I have seen amazing things grow out of shocking deeds and bad decisions in my own life. He is a better 'driver' than I could ever hope to be. I am sincerely thankful He has taken the driver's wheel from me on so many occasions. 

I may yet post my disappointment over future events as they occur, but I am striving to trust.

I didn't mean to create some kind of 'sermonette' before signing off like old style broadcast television. It just sort of came out that way. I don't usually stress faith issues here. I thank you for your indulgence and hope that someone might draw some comfort or strength from these words.

Good night and may God bless us all.



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