Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dave Stevens passes...

I read today that, artist Dave Stevens passed away. Dave created the Rocketeer for comics and it was made into a pretty good superhero / adventure film. The Rocketeer movie was eclipsed during it's release by Kevin Costners ROBIN HOOD movie which wasn't HALF the movie that ROCKETEER was.

Dave was quite a talent with a unique style. It was Dave who brought 50s pinup star Betty Page to the forefront of pop-culture through his art. He was instrumental in seeing that she received compensation for the use of her image all these years later.

I guess this will be the way of things as we all get older – familiar names and faces will leave our world with increasing frequency. The young have little idea that it will be the same for them one day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of Corey's biggest thrills was meeting and getting the autographs of Bill Campbell and Jennifer Connelly at a Braves game. It was a pretty decent movie..

March 17, 2008 1:29 PM  

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