Saturday, November 24, 2007

Did I miss something?

I just came across this image of a movie poster for "Solomon Kane". I have recently been delving into Robert E. Howard's Puritan hero and was amazed to see this film in production.

We live in interesting times. Hollywood is considering properties that traditionally have been off the radar. It seems almost anything from pop culture is now fair game for use as a movie property and perceived as being 'respectible'.

I applaud this. There is a vast wealth of untapped material just waiting to make the leap into film. In fact, I predict it will happen more and more and we will see things made into feature films that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago. Part of this is a hunger for ideas on the part of Hollywood. Another is the advancements in special effects. Add to that the success of recent crossovers of genre print material to film and I think the future is rather obvious in this regard.

I never thought I would see the Lord of the Rings as a big budget film, or for that matter Spider-Man, and yet those films WERE made and were made well. The die has been cast.

What's next? Personally, I think Jack Kirby's Fourth World material is due for it's turn at the cinema box office bat.

"It'll never happen", you say?

Don't be too sure. Stranger things have come to pass.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Snow? Yes...SNOW!

Three days ago it was 80 degrees in north Texas. Today it is Thanksgiving and is snowing.

It's actually snowing pretty hard, too. There may even be light accumulation. On TEXAS!

Who woulda thought?