Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Do crashed computers dream of electric band-aides?

Well, the G5 at work is slowly getting better. It seems I only lost a few files and nothing devistatingly critical, but I did re-install a lot of my software today as things were not working 'quite right'. I think I've reasoned out why I hadn't kept my backups more current. For many years, I have worked in a work flow where all live files resided on a central file server which was backed up incrementally nightly. The G5 I now use at the office was running great and I simply slipped into complacency. I certainly have learned some kind of a lesson here: PLEASE back up your critical files if not your entire system as often as you can! Do it for yourself and your sanity.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Computers will mess you up!

Today was such a very awful day as my work computer continues to have issues. When you depend on the desktop for the bulk of your work, it is emotinally daunting when it is taken away. By days end, I was drained. I dozed off sitting on the couch after dinner due to the excessive stress. I wonder if the farm hand of bygone eras felt the same when the plow became dull or his axe needed to be sharpened?

OK...so it works.

If it weren't so late now, I would take a stab at writing something of seeming worth. As it is 12:43 CST, I must wait for another time. I was just reading the blog of my friend Cliff Biggers and I am thrilled at how entertaining his blog is. Maybe in time, I can develop my writing skills and share a little fun in the meantime.

First shot

Here I am trying to get this to work and having little success...