Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cheated the carrot!

I'm sure most folks are familiar with the term 'jumped the shark".

The phrase originated as a reference to the old TV series "Happy Days", when in it's waning years of popularity, an episode was filmed in which lead tough guy character "Fonzie" (played by Henry Winkler) did an Evel Knievel style motorcycle stunt.

The stunt involved jumping a motorcycle over a tank containing a live shark. This has come to be seen as the point of the TV show's run where it's demise is seen to be eminent.

This terms use has expanded to other facets of life including relationships, music, books, comics and business.

Now, not many people know this, but it has been my long held dream to be the originator of a catch phrase.

To this end, a few years ago, I came up with the phrase "cheated the carrot".

What does it mean?

When one attains something offered or promised without first meeting the requirements for said acquisition, one is said to have "cheated the carrot." The comes from the idea of dangling a carrot in front of a horse in order to motivate the horse to move forward with no real chance of ever getting the offered vegetable.

If the horse were to somehow gain the carrot without ever taking a step and also circumvent efforts to keep him from the carrot, then he would have attained his goal without ever giving in the the whims of his deceptive and manipulative task master.

So the phrase "cheated the carrot" does not refer to getting something undeserved, but rather attaining a goal without being taken advantage of.

I hope that's clear. Now dear reader, YOUR job is to take this phrase with you. Use it whenever possible. Ingrain it into our culture until the day comes that I overhear the phrase while standing in the checkout line at Target or waiting for a meal to be served at a restaurant.

Suggested usage would be:
1. Refer to someone or something as having "cheated the carrot". ie. "Wow, Bob I can't believe you got that raise without moving to the Hoboken office! You really cheated the carrot!"

2. Encourage someone to "cheat the carrot" or at least make the attempt. i.e. "Dave, I think you should cheat the carrot. Don't take her to that nice restaurant. She'll love you anyway! You're too good looking to let go."

I think you get the idea. Now...go forth.


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